6 vehicle types are available to accommodate your personal ideas about travel. Though the basic needs of globetrotters are much the same, their demands on the vehicle itself differ: lone traveller, twosome, family, class of driving licence, destination, infrastructure, terrain, duration of the journey … All these criteria ultimately determine the optimum vehicle and the suitable chassis.
TerraCross translates these criteria into 6 vehicle models geared to these different requirements. These vehicles already have proven themselves on the actual journeys of many satisfied customers.
The optimum layout of the bodies interior was created by the experts for indviduell vehicle manufacturing and Klaus Därr. Technical demands have been taken in consideration as well as practical demands: seating/eating, sleeping, kitchen, shower, storage, water supply, heating, lights, electricty, weight distribution, center of gravity, stability, relayability—all aspects are well balanced.
In the limits of the proven concept, you can individually decide about the size of the modules. The possible combination of modules is easy to understand and calculate—this makes the decision easy.

Serial-like vehicles with individual furnishing …
Once you have decided about the modules, your personal taste decides about the furnishing: upholstery made of fabric or leather, parquet floor or kautchuk, kitchen counter top made of wood or stainless steel, cabinets with laminate or real wood surfaces … almost everything is possible!
… at an attractive price.

TerraCross 46 – light
The basic TerraCross vehicle for 2 to 3 travellers …!
TerraCross 49 – compact
The TerraCross vehicle for 2 travellers …!
TerraCross 52 – allround
The TerraCross vehicle for 2 to 4 travellers …!
TerraCross 52 – comfort
The TerraCross vehicle with plenty of comfort for the journey …!
TerraCross 55 – comfort plus
The TerraCross vehicle with plenty of room and comfort for the long-term journey …!
TerraCross 59 – family
The TerraCross vehicle spacious enough to afford a family life even on journeys …!
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